Walk of Witness 2023 

The annual Good Friday CTB30 Walk of Witness will have three starting points this year; the Cotteridge Church, St Joseph’s Church and the Pavilion Church. We do not need to start at our denominational starting point but can start at the nearest starting point to where we live.   

   Route—for those with and eye to detail

11am walkers gather with a Cross at the Cotteridge Church to join those attending the 10.30 am Morning Worship, leaving by 11:15 at the latest. Walking to the Cotteridge Friends Meeting House they will join others for a short period of silence.   

11am walkers gather with a Cross outside St Joseph’s on Station Road, leaving by 11:10. They will meet at the Cotteridge Friends Meeting House for the short period of silence.  

11:15am walkers will gather at the Rowheath Pavilion Church with a Cross, leaving at 11.30. They will walk directly down to Beaumont Road where they will meet up with the rest of the walkers.    

11:20 the groups of walkers from Cotteridge Church and St Joseph’s will also walk down to Beaumont Road to meet the party of walkers coming from Rowheath.   

11:35 all three groups will meet outside Bournville URC in Beaumont Road and after a pause will leave at 11.40

As one group, all of the walkers will then return to Watford Road and proceed to St Francis at Bournville Green; arriving at 11.55 for a short prayer led by the Vicar of St Francis, and are invited to join their 12 noon service and stay as long as they wish.   

You don’t need to remember the route, there will be stewards to guide you.